First of all, what does an air filter even do? Why should you clean/replace it, and how can it save you money?

If you own an air conditioner you can probably guess the importance of an air filter, but do you know what it does or why you need one in the first place? If you don’t, fear not! You’ve clicked on the correct article, because we happen to be experts!

You, your AC unit, and your air quality all benefit from a clean and correctly installed air filter. An air filter’s main job is to collect all the dust, dirt, and dander that try to pass through your AC system. Think of it as the bouncer at the front door of your establishment. You definitely don’t want to be breathing that gunk in, especially if you or someone in your home has asthma or severe allergies.

(Specail thanks to Steve Mantooth for this picture)

Your air conditioner and your wallet will thank you for keeping your filter up-to-date too. When you allow all that muck to build up on the filter, it begins to suffocate your air conditioner. This causes the system to be less efficient at cooling your house; it will run longer and work harder to bring your room up to your desired temperature… And you guessed it: This will shoot your electricity bill through the roof! Keeping a clean filter can insure that your unit stays energy efficient, and according to the Consumer Energy Center can save you 1 to 2 percent on energy costs!

Enjoy this tutorial featuring Tri County Air’s President, Billy Swanson, showing how to change/wash a filter!





Since each household is unique, choosing the correct air filter for your unit can be tricky. Even though you can do a lot for your air conditioner from home, it’s not always beneficial to make such an important purchase from a local home improvement store. Instead, you should know that the experts here a Tri County Air are more than happy to diagnose and get in place the perfect filter for your family and your home.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to replace your filter. As always, no matter what the weather, Tri County makes it better!