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With many things in life, it’s better to prevent problems from occurring than to have to fix them afterward. At Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating, we do exactly that for your air conditioner. Our expert preventative maintenance keeps your HVAC unit in excellent health.

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Our team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to help with AC repair service emergencies. However, the best course of action is to prevent these serious problems from happening in the first place.

With trustworthy AC maintenance, our certified technicians can detect potential issues before they turn into major problems. These preventative actions can help you avoid AC breakdowns.

Periodic maintenance by AC professionals also keeps small problems from turning into bigger ones. Handling minor wiring issues or replacing inexpensive electrical components can protect vital parts such as the compressor.

How Can We Make Your Life Easier?

Our team takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything. Here are a few things you can expect when you trust our certified AC professionals to take care of maintenance:

  • High-tech diagnostics
  • Detailed inspection
  • Exceptional parts maintenance
  • Smart AC tune-up
  • Long-lasting AC repairs

Our HVAC experts detect potential issues that homeowners miss. Trustworthy maintenance gives your air conditioner the best defense against wear and tear, ensuring you have incredible cooling even on the hottest Florida days. That's our promise to you.

What Are the Benefits of Professional AC Repair and Maintenance?

Contacting AC experts for trustworthy system maintenance has amazing benefits for your air conditioner, your home, your family, and your wallet. Here are just a few ways you benefit:

  • Saving money: By preventing large problems, you save a lot of money on potential repairs or system replacement.
  • Keeping the air conditioner in prime condition: With regular AC tune-ups, your HVAC system lasts far longer.
  • Enjoying excellent performance: By keeping ducts and AC parts clean, you experience maximum cooling output. Even during the hottest heatwaves, well-maintained ACs can keep up.
  • Ensuring safety: By having our pros keep everything clean, you keep your family safe.
  • Improving air quality: Get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, dander, microbes, and other contaminants that may be hiding in your air conditioning system. After each maintenance check, we leave everything spic and span and recommend products that will provide you with the best air quality possible

No one wants to have air conditioning problems in the middle of the hot weather. By scheduling expert maintenance ahead of time, your family stays cool and happy all year long.

What Does AC Maintenance Include?

Our AC maintenance services cover everything your HVAC system needs to stay in excellent condition. This includes four principal areas:

1. Complete System Inspection

Our team checks the air conditioning system from top to bottom. We verify electrical connections, system components, and refrigerant levels.

2. In-Depth Diagnostics

Our technicians perform a diagnostic of the thermostat and the air conditioner’s temperature controls. This is designed to maximize your system’s energy efficiency and cooling output.

3. Detailed Cleaning

We clean each part of the HVAC system carefully. This includes replacing air filters, cleaning condenser coils and blower components, and removing debris.

4. Prompt Repairs

If repairs are required, our team can usually take care of them on the same visit. As certified HVAC pros, we come prepared for common issues.

Of course, before we take any corrective actions, we consult with you first. Our goal is to make sure you’re thrilled with the results before we leave.

Why Choose Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating?

Trust Florida’s top HVAC experts to protect your air conditioner. With over 17,000 happy customers and 40+ years in business, our fully insured team takes great care of your home’s HVAC system. We believe in excellence and honesty, taking care of the smallest details to your complete satisfaction.

To discover our legendary air conditioning repair and maintenance services, call or text us at (941) 485-2222 or fill out our online form.

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