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During Florida’s hot summers, you won’t think about using your furnace. However, the cool season can bring chilly nights when you’ll need your heater. At Tri County Air, our heating technicians specialize in furnace installation and furnace replacement. These services require a professional to ensure your heater provides reliable performance and runs safely and efficiently for as long as 15 to 20 years.

If you need heating services in North Venice or anywhere in our service areas in Sarasota, Charlotte, or Manatee Counties, you can count on Tri County Air for:

  • Knowledge of all your heating installation and repair needs in Florida
  • Honest cost estimates, including equipment and service fees
  • Professional, prompt, and respectful heating technicians
  • Friendly answers to all your questions and concerns
  • Full explanations about your options to help make informed decisions

Why Is Furnace Replacement So Important?

Our technicians are fully certified to manage every aspect of replacing your heating unit. If you’re facing rising heating costs, uneven heating, or a lack of heating or your furnace appears rusted or damaged, replacing it can:
  • Improve Airflow: A new furnace can move air more effectively, improving circulation throughout your home. This allows for more even heating. Better airflow results in better temperature control, which in turn improves comfort and prevents the furnace from overworking itself.
  • Reduce Repair Costs: After your new furnace is installed, it’s unlikely to need repairs anytime soon. You’ll save money on frequent service visits. Also, the unit will be backed by a warranty, so if there are any issues, the cost of fixing them will be covered.
  • Boost Energy-Efficiency: An older furnace is less efficient, and struggling to keep up with demand forces it to work harder. Therefore, it uses more energy. A high-efficiency unit in peak condition will save on utility costs.
Our heating installation professionals can provide a newer model that’s also eco-friendly. It can lower your carbon footprint and add value to your home. Also, newer furnace models tend to be quieter. A lower noise level can reduce distractions in your home and allow you to focus on important tasks.

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We can help install a furnace whether you have a new construction home or it’s time to replace your existing heater. Fully licensed and trained, our technicians size a furnace and help choose one suited for you. Our financing options can help make furnace installation more affordable, while our membership plans include the maintenance needed to increase performance and longevity. To learn more or schedule heating services in North Venice, call Tri County Air at (941) 485-2222 today.


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