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HVAC Services in Venice, FL

Tri County Air has been guaranteeing the comfort of people in Sarasota County since 1977. Our Venice customers can rely on our licensed technicians to handle all their HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance needs. Familiar with every brand, make, and model of A/C and heater, our team can handle any job, big or small. We’re available 24/7 to address emergencies in the Venice area, quickly diagnose the problem, and take the necessary steps for heating and air conditioning repair. Membership plans are available, so customers get priority service and comprehensive maintenance, while duct replacement and indoor air quality services are offered in your area as well.

A/C Experts

Damaged ductwork, or ducts that weren’t properly installed to begin with, can cause numerous problems in your HVAC system. If ducts aren’t the right size or are bent too sharply around corners, airflow can be restricted. Layout, insulation, and material quality are important considerations as well. It may be time to repair or replace the system if:

Your Local Experts in Home Heating

We offer the most reliable, cost-effective heating options so you are comfortable even on those rare chilly Florida days. Residential and commercial gas/electric furnaces, propane heaters, and heat pumps can be serviced by our team, so you benefit from:

Repair Your Leaky Air Ducts

Dirty, leaky ducts can lead to increased allergy symptoms, musty odors, mold or mildew around vents, A/C coil condensation, frequent cycling, and uneven heating or cooling. Duct sealing and installing A/C insulation can help improve efficiency and air quality. However, replacing ductwork is better if it is damaged, outdated, or not sized properly. We can replace and retrofit your ducts to eliminate contamination, manage energy costs, and improve comfort throughout your home. Ductwork inspections can be done as well, and let us find and fix holes, poor connections, and other problems that contribute to air leakage and contamination

Upgrade Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution can be 5x more concentrated than outside, according to research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It can have a profound impact on human health. To restore good air quality in your home, Tri County Air can install whole-home filtration systems with high MERV ratings, directly into the air handler, and in-duct medical-grade HEPA filters that constantly remove airborne contaminants. Installing REME Halo systems can purify air and surfaces, while UV light kits are available to sanitize the air in your home and help your family breathe easier.

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We’re committed to making your home safe and comfortable while providing opportunities to save. All repair services include a 1-year parts and labor warranty, while a 30-day guarantee means we won’t charge to visit and diagnose a problem within a month of your service call. Save on air conditioning repair, heating replacement, duct service, or installing an A/C air purifier with specials, VIP rewards, and financing options. To schedule an appointment with Tri County Air in Venice, FL, use our online calendar or call (941) 485-2222 today!


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