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Customers in Charlotte County have depended on Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating since 1977. We install, repair, and maintain air conditioning and heating systems and provide ductwork and attic insulation services. Air ducts move conditioned air throughout your home so it stays cool, which is important in Florida’s hot, humid climate. Attic insulation helps minimize heat transfer in an unconditioned space where cool air can otherwise escape, decreasing AC performance and efficiency.

If you live in the Charlotte Harbor area, you can depend on our licensed technicians for on-time, professional, and friendly service. They are extremely accurate and knowledgeable. Also, they’re committed to ensuring your family is comfortable, whether it requires new insulation, duct cleaning, or duct replacement to achieve the desired results.

Never hesitate to call Tri County Air when you need us for insulation or ductwork services. We promise:

Attic Insulation Services

The attic is a major source of energy loss. Cool air will escape and intense heat from outside can enter if your attic isn’t properly insulated. Insulating an attic saves on energy bills, controls air leakage, stabilizes room temperatures, improves indoor air quality, and can increase home value (not to mention deters pests and prevents moisture damage). It can also make your attic a more comfortable place, so you can utilize it as a family room, playroom, or extra bedroom.

Insulation Installation & Removal

Blown-in insulation is the most common material used for attics. We approach each project differently, depending on the square footage of your air-conditioned space and other factors. An insulating material’s R-value measures its resistance to heat transfer over time. In Florida, attic insulation must be rated at least R-30. The higher the rating, the more effective insulation is at blocking heat from entering your home.

Our certified technicians will also remove and dispose of your old insulation. We strongly recommend this if your home is more than 20 or 30 years old. The standards for home insulation have changed over time, including for minimum R-values. With the right type of insulation, energy consumption can be reduced enough for it to show on your monthly energy bills. Your home should also be more comfortable.

Benefits of Ductwork Services

Although your HVAC system has air filters, dust, pollen, mold, and dirt from pests such as mice can settle in air ducts and circulate in your home. Not all filters have the same effectiveness. Therefore, you may need to look elsewhere to ensure your HVAC system is hygienic. Cleaning and sealing ductwork:

Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an effective way to have a cleaner home, as it prevents dust from blowing into rooms and settling on furniture, flooring, and bedding. It also reduces mold spores, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and various toxins. In addition, the removal of layers of dust and grime improves airflow, so your home is cooler, temperatures are equal from room to room, and your AC works more efficiently.

When providing air duct services, our technicians can also determine when it’s necessary to repair or replace your ductwork

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