Commercial HVAC Services


Commercial HVAC Services

In Florida, business generally rely on cooling in the hot climate, but things can get chilly in the winter months. Your cooling and heating system therefore needs proper care. Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating can provide any type of air conditioning repair or replacement to ensure your business is safe and comfortable. Our certified HVAC technicians are professional, prompt, and friendly while able to diagnose, fix, and test your AC/heating system right every time.

We provide the same quality of service we have since our founding in 1977. A 1-year warranty covers parts and labor, while we won’t charge for services needed within 30 days of a repair or maintenance visit.

HVAC Experts

Our technicians receive ongoing training and stayup to date on the latest technologies. This allows us to service all types and brands of AC units, new or old. You can trust our team for:

HVAC Maintenance:

Commercial air conditioning systems are larger and work harder than those installed in homes. The longer and harder your unit runs, the more wear and tear there will be. We’ll check for developing issues and take preventative actions like replacing small parts, changing filters, cleaning ducts, and performing AC tune-ups, which can result in long-term savings.


Our AC installation professionals accurately assess your needs to properly select and size an air conditioner for your business. The right system will provide dependable cooling and heating, manage humidity levels, and improve air quality while improving your overall energy efficiency.


When you need AC repair, our team employs state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to identify the underlying cause of a problem. We’re available 24/7 to take care of HVAC issues fast, before they become more expensive, and use only the highest-quality, most durable parts. We can also provide new AC insulationor an AC air purifieras needed.


Financing options are available. To suit your budget, we offer term loans, lines of credit, property-based financing, and other options. Excellent credit will get you low interest rates, but financing is an option even for those without perfect credit. We’ll connect you with low interest rates, fixed interest, 0% APR, or flexible terms with convenient monthly payments. And don’t forget about discounts on financing, special pricing, and rebates.

Commercial Heating

You don’t know how much you rely on heating until that first chilly winter’s day. Not being accustomed to cool temperatures makes it all that more important to have a heating service professional to call. Our team is trained and equipped to help with commercial heating:


Customers in Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte counties can call us to install a brand-new heating system or replace an older furnace or boiler. Our heating replacement specialists can even help find high-efficiency systems that save your business money. A new heating system improves climate control, avoids hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks, and can conserve electricity and fuel. If you need help replacing ductwork, we can help there too, and ensure new ducts are properly sealed and insulated.



Our certified specialists can provide furnace and heat pump repair. Prompt repairs and maintenance let us replace worn parts to prevent break downs involving larger, more expensive components. Advanced diagnostics let us find root issues, while our technicians will detail all possible solutions.

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