Ductless AC Maintenance Experts


Ductless AC Maintenance Experts from Tri County Air

When it’s properly maintained, a ductless AC system is one of the most effective and efficient types of air conditioners. There are fewer maintenance requirements than traditional AC systems. However, regular maintenance will ensure your ductless unit continues to run smoothly with less wear and tear. At Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating, we provide ductless AC maintenance performed by highly qualified professionals who are knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy.

Homeowners and business owners in the Tri-County Area depend on us for:

  • Attention to Detail: Our crews thoroughly evaluate your ductless system to ensure it’s in peak condition and hidden issues are uncovered and fixed.
  • Honesty: We help explore all your options and are upfront about the costs of services, parts, and any fees charged.
  • Respectful: All your questions will be answered and we’ll assist in making important decisions that affect your comfort, safety, and finances.

Why Is Ductless AC Maintenance So Important?

Ductless air conditioners have many benefits over other systems. Cleaning air filters, inspecting the system, measuring refrigerant levels, evaluating the thermostat, and checking electrical connections are just some of the tasks that allow our technicians to make minor adjustments and small repairs. These help your AC run more smoothly and can avoid many hassles later.

Annual ductless AC maintenance, like HVAC maintenance in general, can:

  • Increase Performance/Efficiency: Ductless air conditioners improve temperature control in individual rooms. With maintenance, your AC will work reliably and use less energy to maintain your comfort; an overall improvement in efficiency can mean paying lower utility bills.
  • Improve Air Quality: A maintenance technician will remove dirt, dust, and other particles from the system. Improved filtration reduces airborne particles and pollutants, which is most beneficial for people with allergies or other respiratory issues.
  • Extend System Life: A well-maintained ductless AC not only works better. It can last longer and perform at a high level throughout its life. Costly replacements can often be delayed for several years, so you get more out of your investment.
  • Reduce the Number of Repairs: Scheduling ductless AC maintenance every year can avoid big air conditioner repairs, which are often costly. Our technicians thoroughly evaluate the system and troubleshoot any issues before they cause more damage.
  • Minimize Costs: Many manufacturers require AC systems to be professionally serviced each year. If not, the warranty can be voided, so you’d have to pay out of pocket for repairs the warranty would otherwise cover.

Contact Tri County Air

Our HVAC maintenance professionals are trained to service any type of system. If you have a ductless air conditioner, routine service will ensure it’s as reliable and efficient as you’d expect it to be. If necessary, our technicians can perform repairs and replace worn components on the spot. To schedule your ductless AC system maintenance visit, if you haven’t already done so, request an appointment using our web scheduling system or call (941) 485-2222 today.