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You probably don’t give your air conditioner much though until you notice a decline in comfort. In Manatee County, Florida, it’s important to stay cool and have working heating at the times you need it. The HVAC professionals at Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating can keep your home or business comfortable all year long. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to provide high-quality AC repair, maintenance, and replacement as well as address your heating, ductwork, and air quality needs.
We have been serving the Tri County Area since 1977. Thousands of customers have benefited from prompt, professional, and accurate service. Our team fixes any AC issue without hassle; there’s also no charge for service within 30 days of the initial repair, whether the new issue is related or not. And labor and parts are covered for 1 year following an HVAC repair.


Our extensive HVAC experience lets our technicians pinpoint and fix problems right away. We stay up to date with the latest technology, so we provide trustworthy repairs for new models as well as older A/C units. We service and repair all makes and models including:
As certified A/C maintenance experts, we can fix your air conditioner without affecting its warranty. That way, you can enjoy high-quality repairs immediately. We’re happy to work within warranties, so you save as much money as possible.

AC Experts

Our dedicated professionals service all makes and models of air conditioners. We’ll fix older models when we can, and recommend the newest, most efficient units when it’s time for replacement. Customers in and around Manatee trust us for:

AC Repair:

We use advanced diagnostic equipment, high-quality parts, and the latest techniques to achieve lasting results. Immediate issues can be fixed on the spot, and we’re available 24/7 to provide emergency assistance. We also offer a 100% guarantee to all our customers.

AC Maintenance:

Regular maintenance can keep your system in peak condition and reduce the need for air conditioning repair. Any small issues found can be instantly fixed. We’ll fully inspect and test your AC to make sure it’s working properly, and perform periodic tune ups so it runs like new.

AC Replacement:

Our company is family owned and operated and treats every client like family. Customers throughout Manatee County can rely on our AC installation expertise when facing the tough decision of replacingan air conditioner. From properly sizing the system to providing a choice of energy efficient solutions, we’re always on your side.

Duct Replacement

You don’t see your home’s ductwork, but its condition can impact comfort, energy costs, and air quality. A leaky duct system can lose a substantial amount of air. That can make your HVAC system inefficient, but our team can properly size, install, and insulate new ductwork. We’ll also seal it to prevent airborne pollutants from contaminating your home. If damage is visible or mold, allergies, musty odors, condensation around cooling coils, frequent cycling, or uneven heating/cooling are a problem, replacing ductwork is often the best option.

The Best in Home Heating

As Florida residents know, the winters here are rather mild. But there are times when it gets cooler than most of us would like. Your home heating system can keep you comfortable if you schedule services such as:

Heating Repair:

A gas or electric furnace can become a safety hazard if it malfunctions. Call as soon as you notice your heater not working. A small fix can avoid more expensive repairs later. Our technicians carefully inspect your furnace and recommend the best solutions to improve safety, comfort, efficiency, and system health.

Heating Maintenance:

We inspect furnaces, heat pumps, mini-split ACs, and other HVAC systems, keeping them in great condition so they don’t need repairs. Maintenance allows us to make small fixes and adjustments. Also, cleaning your heater and providing tune ups can improve system performance, air quality, and home safety.

Heating Replacement:

When you need to replace a heating system, contact Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating. Furnace or heat pump repair may not be enough, or be impractical as far as cost, if your system is old or severely damaged. Our knowledgeable, trustworthy professionals will provide friendly advice and properly size/install a new heater for your home or office.

Schedule HVAC Service in Manatee County

Contact Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating for any type of HVAC service. We’re known for professional installation, repair, and maintenance and can also provide you with more efficient AC insulation. An AC air purifier can improve indoor air quality and make your home a healthier environment. To schedule an AC, furnace, ductwork, or air quality appointment, or learn more about our specials, memberships, or financing, place your request online or call 941-485-2222 today.

Indoor Air Quality

A few air quality solutions are available to Manatee County homeowners. We can install high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rated unitary air filters, which are extremely effective at removing tiny particulates. High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters increase air quality as well. Other indoor air quality options include whole home HEPA filtration systems, REME Halo, UV light kits, or medical-grade air purifiers to ensure your family breathes in only clean air.


There’s a reason we have over 4,500 5-star reviews. Schedule your service today. We’ll be in touch with you very soon.

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