Programmable, Non-programmable, & Wifi settings

Technology is progressing further and further every single day. This holds true in the air-conditioning business as well. It used to be that you’d have to pick a temperature to set your thermostat to and just leave it. There was no way to change it while away from home or late at night while alseep. Your poor wallet suffered dearly when the bills came a-knockin’ thanks to the lack-of-technological advances. NOT ANY MORE! Almost all modern day thermostats now have programmable options as well as non-programmable. These settings allow for automatic temperature control through cycles throughout the day. Another welcomed advancement, and probably the most tech-savy feature of certain thermostats, is the wifi-compatibility these thermostats now have. These devices are conveniently controllable from home or your iPhone or Android!

Non-programmable: Pros and Cons

The Non-programmable setting will continuously blow cold or hot air and require manual adjustments to the desired temperature.


  • Your home will always retain your ideal temperature ensuring your comfort
  • Your AC’s air filter will catch more pollutants and blow clean fresh air into your home (huge plus if you have asthma or allergies)


  • Not very energy efficient
  • Very costly, you’ll be using your AC unit constantly if you keep the non-programmable setting on. This will not only raise your electricity bill, but it will also affect the life span of your AC unit for the long run. Unit owners who only use the non-programmable setting usually need multiple repairs on their units through the years.
  • Dirtier air filters, you’ll need to replace your air filters more frequently on the non-programmable setting. Since your unit is constantly blowing in cool air, it’s constantly filtering air through the vents, gathering more dirt and pollutants as it filters.

Programmable: Pros and Cons


  • The programmable setting works in automatic cycles, meaning your thermostat will bring the room to the desired temperature and then shut off until it detects a rise or fall in temperature in the room. Once a change in temperature is detected, or until you choose to change the temperature, a new cooling/heating cycle will begin to return the room to the set temperature.
  • When on the programmable setting, your thermostat will let you make temporary adjustments to the temperature without erasing the pre-programmed cycle.
  • Since the programmable setting is not running constantly, it will be more energy efficient than the non-programmable setting.
  • If set to programmable, your AC unit’s air filter won’t become as dirty as fast. You will still need to change it regularly, but not nearly as often as the non-programmable setting would require.


  • Honestly, there aren’t really any major cons to having your thermostat programed other than sometimes the room might be one or two degrees off while in-between programed cycles.

The Wonders of Wifi

Certain thermostats sold here at Tri County are wifi compatible with your phone. When said thermostats are installed, you can download the app (each thermostat has its own app) and have automatic controll of your home’s temperature in the palm of your hand.

Below you can see an example of the ease of conrolling temperature with the Wifi system (Note: These photos were taken from the iComfort app):

You can open the app from your phone and immediatly change the temperature to your liking. Your indoor humidity percentage is displayed as well. To the right and the left you have options to either cool, heat, heat and cool or simply turn your AC off. You can also turn your system to on, auto, or circulate.




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