Are you concerned that the “black stuff” around your ducts and on your ceiling might be mold? Take a look at this video to see what it is and what you can do to fix it.



Video Summary:

Do you see “black stuff” around the supply register on your ceiling or on your fans? Are you questioning whether it is dirt or mold?

Long story short, it is probably dirt.

This dirt sticks to your ceiling and onto your ceiling fans because there are particles in the air (even if you can’t see them with the naked eye) that crash together and accumulate onto various surfaces. Since the air is moving through your ducts and into your home very quickly (approximately 300-400 cubic feet per minute), the particles hit the diffusers of your supply register and tend to stay there or to stay on your ceiling. When these particles build up enough over time, you’ll start to see them as the “black stuff” that is on your ceiling or around your supply register. Most of the time, dirt accumulates on ceilings because air is leaking in from the attic between the drywall and the supply register. If the register is closed, the air is forced along the ceiling, and the next thing you know, you’ll start to see black buildup across your ceiling.

This same thing happens to the leading edges of your ceiling fan blades. Why do some fans have this buildup and other’s don’t? Because of the velocity (one fan may be set on high and thus accumulate more buildup whereas another could be set on low and accumulate less buildup).

The relationship between the velocity of the air and the number of particles found in the air is what causes this phenomenon.

The majority of the time, this is not a cause for concern because it is not mold, but simply dark dirt. There are those few chances where you may have high relative humidity (like a bathroom) where microbial spore growth would occur, but this is rare.

So, how do you fix this issue?

All you have to do is minimize the particles found in the air by installing air cleaners throughout your home. Billy Swanson and Tri County Air recommend only the Austin Air Cleaners: “There is no sliver bullet for excellent indoor air quality, but the Austin Air HEPA filter works well and I highly recommend it. I’ve tested the majority of the air cleaners available on the market and this one is the best. I have personally been using the Austin Air Cleaner in my home for over 13 years!” – Billy Swanson, Owner of Tri County Air

If you’d like more information about Austin Air Cleaners, or have other questions about your air conditioning and heating system, feel free to contact us and speak with one of our knowledgable Customer Service Representatives.