Watch as President and Owner of Tri County Air, Billy Swanson, explains why some service calls for your air conditioning and heating system are so expensive…even when it is under warranty.





Video Summary:

Why is it so expensive to replace an evaporator coil, compressor, thermostatic expansion valve and the like? We know and we agree, it is expensive. It is also surprising to see that a substantial piece of equipment needs to be replaced while you’re still under warranty with your manufacturer, but we see it happen every day. Hopefully we will be able to explain why the cost is so high in this short blog.

First, it is important to note that each manufacturer’s limited parts warranty is LIMITED. Meaning, there are some things it does not include, namely, labor and miscellaneous parts. Incase you missed it, check out that blog and video here for more specific details: Manufacturers’ Limited Parts Warranties Explained

Let’s take the evaporator coils, for example. As explained in the prior video, How You Can Help Your A/C System Last Longer, the coils in your air conditioner are similar to the lungs in your body. Even if the coils are under warranty, there are parts and labor required to replace those coils that you might not know about – and that are not covered. The biggest chunk of the cost is going to be the time it takes to replace these parts.

Here is an illustration to show what goes into replacing a part that is under warranty:

This chart doesn’t even include the +/- 3 hours it takes for the technician to actually replace the part!

All this to say, there is a lot of work that goes into replacing your part that you don’t see. None of this is covered by any limited warranty. Now, what you DO see is quite extensive. It takes a very skilled and knowledgeable technician to be able to, essentially, perform surgery on your air conditioning and heating system. They have to remove all of the refrigerant from the system, cut out the part, weld in the part, put the system in a vacuum to remove the moisture from inside your system (to keep other parts from failing), and then put new refrigerant back into the air conditioner. Note: Refrigerant is not covered under your warranty even though it is necessary for this repair.

What is covered? – The coil itself.

All this to say, the reason why some service calls for your air conditioning and heating system are so expensive is because of the time it takes to make the repair, the work and time that goes into the repair behind-the-scenes, and the extra parts that are needed – none of which are covered under a manufacturers’ limited parts warranty.

We don’t want these repairs to be as expensive as they are and we are working diligently to provide each customer with the best value available. For this reason, we are providing Labor Gap Protection to the customers who want it. We have created this plan to fill in the “gaps” that are not covered by your manufacturers’ limited part warranty. So, if you’re concerned and you would like to protect yourself from the costs you could incur for a a/c repair, even while under warranty, please contact us about our Labor Gap Protection Plan today!