Over time, air ducts can fill with dirt and wear out, but the damage may be more severe and deeper than you think. Duct replacement should be considered if the system is old or severely contaminated. Servicing it may not be enough. We’ll look at whether replacing ductwork can save you money, especially if it’s no longer functional.

Why Duct Replacement May Be the Best Solution

Duct contamination is often a sign of underlying problems. Even the most qualified professional can’t fix a major issue if ducts have significant leakage or other damage. Symptoms of air quality and airflow issues, such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes, headache, dizziness, and breathing difficulty, can be due to faulty ductwork. The following problems typically warrant ductwork replacement:

  • Poor Installation: An improperly installed duct system can restrict airflow, increase the amount of dust, and lead to mold growth caused by improper ventilation. Your HVAC system will have reduced heating or cooling capacity. It’ll also work less efficiently, increasing your utility bills. Unfortunately, ductwork replacement is the only way to fix these issues, especially if they’re due to improperly sized and configured ducts.
  • Duct Leaks: Holes, cracks, and loose connections can cause the conditioned air to escape. They can also allow contaminants in. If your air ducts are severely deteriorated and leaking from multiple places, don’t waste time and money trying to fix them. New ductwork should be installed to avoid future repair costs.
  • HVAC Noise: While layers of debris can contribute to increased noise, loud sounds often mean the plastic or fiberglass joints in your ducts are damaged. Intense vibrations can cause even more damage over time. Have a technician inspect the system and determine whether to replace all or part of the duct system.
  • Reduced Performance: If temperatures vary throughout your home, your HVAC unit runs continuously, or airflow is limited, it can point to an AC or furnace issue. However, if the air ducts are the source of the problem, replacing them is the permanent solution. Air duct replacement will improve temperature regulation, air quality, and efficiency. It can also help prolong the lifespan of the system.
  • Limited Home Comfort: You’ve invested in an HVAC system and regularly pay for the energy it uses. Why not be as comfortable as possible? Old ductwork in which airflow is restricted can cause uneven heating and cooling. Air leaks allow conditioned air to escape, further exacerbating the problem. If your home isn’t as comfortable as it once was, consider duct replacement now.

How Affordable Is Duct Replacement?

Ductwork replacement costs from $1,400 to $5,600 on average in 2023 dollars (for larger homes, replacing ducts can approach $9,000).1 But consider that replacing air ducts can avoid future repairs, emergency visits by an HVAC crew, and premature AC or heating system replacement. The upfront investment may be offset by various benefits over time especially when the system is optimally sized for your home and heating and cooling system.

Let Tri County Air Determine if Air Duct Replacement Is Necessary

At Tri County Air, we specialize in duct replacement to eliminate holes, leaks, poor connections, and other issues. Our team is trained to properly size, seal, and insulate ductwork to reduce airborne pollutants and improve comfort and energy efficiency. From duct runs to the plenum, fittings, dampers, and other system components, we ensure a complete installation tailored specifically to your home. To schedule a duct replacement consultation, request an appointment or call (941) 841-3688.

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