So, you just purchased a new air conditioning and heating system…

You’re probably expecting greater efficiency, lower electric bills, better technology, increased comfort – but here are a few more things you should expect from your new a/c or heat pump that you probably haven’t considered.

What To Expect From Your New Air Conditioning and Heating System

If you just purchased a new air conditioning and heating system, here are a few things you can expect: greater efficiency, more technology, increased comfort – but also more repairs.

Chances are if you’re watching this video or reading this blog you’ve either just purchased a new air conditioner or heat pump or you’re thinking about replacing the one you have. Here is some information on what to expect from your new system:

Expect Better Efficiency

A more efficient air conditioner or heat pump lends itself to lower electric bills. Just like when you purchase a newer car that gets more miles to the gallon than your previous vehicle, purchasing a newer air conditioner/heat pump with a higher SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) will save you money as you use it. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the a/c system.

Expect Quieter Operation

When you purchase your new air conditioning and heating system, depending on the model, you can expect quieter operation. With the newer compressors and the added insulation, typically the newer air conditioning and heating systems operate more quietly than the older models. Keep in mind – though the newer models will typically operate at a lower decibel, the sound will be different from the sound you are used to due to the system changes and improvements. This new sound doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the new system, it is simply different.

Expect Better Comfort

Just as in any industry, technology has advanced in the HVAC industry as well. This increase in technology has enabled manufacturers to be able to achieve more exact temperature and humidity control. When you purchase your new air conditioner or heat pump, you can expect to have more exact control over your comfort when it comes to temperature and humidity. Keep in mind – this also means that the temperature settings for your new a/c system will feel different than what you’re used to getting from your previous system. In other words, when you set your new thermostat to 75 degrees, it will probably feel different than when you set your old thermostat to 75 degrees. Since the new technology is able to provide more exact comfort control than your old thermostat, you may have to relearn what you’re favorite temperature settings are with your new system.

Expect More Convenience

Just as we touched on previously, technology has advanced greatly since you purchased your previous a/c system. Now, we are able to use WiFi thermostats which enable us to change the temperature and controls from a smartphone. Not only are we now able to turn down the temperature from bed, but even from across the globe! This convenience is a great advantage for those who travel or who simply want more convenient control of their heat pump or air conditioner. With WiFi controls, you are also able to receive important alerts regarding the functionality of your a/c system and even reminders when you need to change your filter. Overall, the new systems offer much more convenience than your previous system could’ve ever imagined possible.

Expect a Shorter Lifespan

Yes, you read that correctly. The phrase, “they just don’t make them like they used to,” comes to mind when discussing the topic of the longevity of new air conditioning and heating systems. Though this phrase is very positive, for the reasons above, the truth is when you have more technology put into a box, there is more potential for things to break. Just like any appliance you purchase these days, equipment is now created to be replaced. Also, when you have high efficiency, durability is sacrificed. In order to increase efficiency, manufacturers’ have to use thinner metal parts to increase heat transfer, which leads to more repairs and a shorter lifespan.

So, Which Manufacturer Is Best?

This is the most popular question we receive from customers who are looking to replace their heat pump or air conditioner. Unfortunately, all manufacturers are having breakdown issues and we have seen an increase in evaporator coil failures across the board. We believe this is due to the poor quality of the materials. Poor manufacturer materials = poor equipment.

Expect Us To Be There!

Overall, there are more advantages when it comes to purchasing a new air conditioner or heat pump than disadvantages. The most important thing to remember is – we will be there for you. Regardless of the type of system you choose to purchase, the key to making sure it lasts as long as possible is a good installation and regular maintenance. Choose to work with a company that has a track record of great installations, who will be there for you when it breaks down, and who will ensure you have an unrivaled excellent customer service experience every single time.