A dehumidistat is a device which controls the humidity levels in the home by communicating with the thermostat to change the temperature. This device is very beneficial for seasonal residents and those who are away from their homes for an extended period of time throughout the year. Dehumidistats are energy saving devices which work to prevent the damaging effects of humidity in your home.

A dehumidistat is beneficial for people who take long term vacations. Before you leave for a long period of time, it’s essential that you set you dehumidistat to 50% relative humidity and your thermostat to 80 degrees. Whenever the home becomes more humid than it should be, the dehumidistat communicates with the thermostat to turn on the air conditioner to try and kick out all of the unnecessary humidity. Without a dehumidistat, if the air conditioner is turned off, mold is likely to occur from the excess humidity. If the air conditioner is left on when you leave for your extended vacation, your electric bill is likely to be very costly. Dehumidistats are great to use because they are a way to save money, save energy, and protect your home from the damages of excess humidity.

When you are home, simply set your dehumidistat to “on” and set the temperature on the thermostat according to your comfort.

Please see the video below for further instruction on how to operate your dehumidistat:


Please note: this video was taken back in 2014 when the recommended dehumidistat settings were different. You will hear the narrator recommend those settings. Do not set your dehumidistat to the settings he recommends in the video. Instead, please set your dehumidistat to the settings recommended in this blog when you are away: 50% humidity, 80 degrees Fahrenheit on your thermostat.