Surviving an incredibly hot, humid day here in Florida is literally just another day in the life of a well-adjusted Floridian. Personally, I think it’s funny when tourists mention the humidity because as a native, I hardly notice the muggy atmosphere anymore. As much as your body may adjust to the swamp-like-standards in certain areas of Florida, your home and your air conditioner never will. It’s important to have the right levels of humidity set in your home, or else humidity could be silently destroying your house.

Ways Humidity can harm you and your home

Humidity Levels Too Low: Dry air for you means dry skin, a dry throat, a dry nose, and your chances of catching a cold are increased as well. Dry air for your home means damage to wood floors and dry wall.

Humidity Levels Too High: Wet air for you means suffering from oppressive temperatures, however your home will definitely take the brunt of the damage with wet air. Wet air for your home means stains on your ceiling from dripping condensation near vents, paint peeling off the walls, perfect temperatures for mold and rot to grow, and let’s not forget providing a perfect environment for cockroaches and termites to flourish.

As you can see, there is an incredibly delicate balance to be found.

Understanding your home’s Humidity

I’ve personally never heard of anyone needing more humidity in their lives here in Florida, but sometimes, in the cooler months, the air can get surprisingly dry. When this happens there’s a quick fix, you can purchase a mobile device called a humidifier. You simply add water where directed, and the humidifier turns it into vapor, pumps the water vapor into the air and raises the humidity in the room you’ve selected. It will definitely save you from dry skin and a dry throat.

During the hot months in Florida, we desperately depend on our air conditioners to escape the heat. When your AC unit is cooling your home, its actually also raising the relative humidity inside your home. If your home is too humid, you should look into purchasing a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a relatively small mobile device you can place in a room with too much humidity and feel as it works its magic. A dehumidifier will suck in the humid air and cool it well beyond its dew point, therefore reducing the humidity within that room.

However if you are looking for house-wide dehumidification, you’re going to want to look into a dehumidistat. A dehumidistat is a device which controls the humidity levels in the home by communicating with the thermostat to change the temperature. Conveniently, a dehumidistat works perfectly when your air is too dry as well, so no matter your humidity levels, a dehumidistat will ensure a comfortable balance for your entire house.

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