During the month of August, The Tri County Community Foundation, also known as Serve Florida, was asked by one of our very own employees to help out with a children’s pajama party.

This was no ordinary children’s pajama party and the employees of Tri County Air Conditioning are no ordinary employees!!! This pajama party was for 35 special needs orphans living in a group home in Uganda.

In a matter of a few days, several of our employees took on the responsibility of making sure each and every one of these children had a new pair of pajamas to wear to the party.

These pajamas, along with gifts for the caregivers at the orphanage were transported and hand delivered to the orphanage in Uganda.

Thank you to the Tri County Air family for your prayers and your generosity for these beautiful children.


Jim and Chris Foubister | Directors of the Tri County Community Foundation

Here is a video of the children singing at the pajama party:


The Tri County Community Foundation, also known as Serve Florida and Venice Cares, is the non-profit sector of Tri County Air Conditioning and Heating. Since we were first established in 1977, we have known the importance of giving back to our community and to the less fortunate throughout the world. We enjoy giving our employees the opportunity to contribute, as well. Jim and his wife Chris Foubister are the Directors of the Tri County Community Foundation. They work diligently to meet the needs our employees, our community, and in some instances our world may have. Our company has been blessed and it is important that we continue to bless others as often as possible. If you have any questions regarding the Tri County Community Foundation, please contact Jim and Chris Foubister at fouby@tricountyair.com