Have you been told that you need to get the ducts cleaned in your home or office? Are you suffering from allergies and looking to increase the quality of the air you breathe? Duct cleaning is often offered as a solution, but rarely helps in the long run. In fact, sometimes it makes the indoor air quality worse.

One of the most popular questions we receive is:

“Should I have my ducts cleaned?”

Our answer…Most likely not.

Here’s why:


1) The air is filtered before it goes through your ducts

First, the air passes through the filter. Then, it passes through the evaporator coil. Next, the air goes through the blower wheel. Most of the particles that are not removed by your filter get stuck on your evaporator coil or your blower wheel – only a small number of particles make it through to your ductwork.


2)  Particle build-up is a good thing

Over the course of many years, the particles will build up inside your duct work. This is OK! The particles stick to each other and accumulate, thus eliminating the number of particles that make it inside your home. In other words, your ducts work as another filter.


3) Cleaning ductwork often involves cutting a hole in your ductwork or applying a thin coating to the walls of the ducts

When a hole is cut into your ductwork in order to clean it, that hole needs to be sealed properly. If the holes are not properly sealed, the ducts will suck in the dirty air and debris from your attic (or from underneath your home) leaving you in a worse position than when you started. On the other hand, when a thin coating is applied to the walls of your ducts to seal in the debris, all you are doing is removing the “filter” that grabs more particles before they enter your home.


4) Cleaning your ducts will not improve the quality of the air you breathe

Most often the reason why people want to have their ducts cleaned is to increase their IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Duct cleaning will not do this. If you want to increase your IAQ, there are better options (like Austin Air Cleaners and HEPA Filters).


5) Do you have mold in your ductwork?

Replace your ductwork entirely! If you only opt to clean your ducts, chances are high that spores will be left behind. The safest way to get rid of mold in your duct work is to get new ductwork.


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