One of the brands that we recommend when purchasing and installing a new HVAC system is Daikin.

Though Daikin is a wonderful manufacturer, all things considered, that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Here are a few things you should know before purchasing a Daikin brand air conditioner or heat pump for your home or office.


Let’s start with the positive:
  • Daikin is the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer! They have been around for 95 years and have built countless types of air conditioning and heating systems during that time. They have the knowledge and longevity we are looking for when partnering with a manufacturer.
  • From our perspective, Dakin’s local support is of the best in the marketplace. This is important especially if a problem arises. We have a wonderful relationship with the Daikin representatives who are reliable and always willing to serve us and our customers.
  • Daikin is a leader in inverter technology. Though the air conditioning and heating industry isn’t exactly known for its innovation, Daikin is working hard to change that! The inverter is the heart of your air conditioning and heating system affecting both efficiency and lifespan. Daikin’s innovative inverter technology benefits both.
  • Daikin products are made in the USA! They are actively adding jobs and investing in their future in America. In fact, they recently built a 40 million square foot facility outside of Houston TX, a $450 million investment.
  • New Daikin systems boast the best warranty in the industry with 12 years parts coverage and 6 or 12 years of unit replacement coverage, depending on the system and application.
  • Daikin uses all-aluminum evaporator coils. If you’re wondering how Daikin has the confidence to honor such a long warranty, it is partially due to these coils. All-aluminum evaporator coils cause less breakdowns than any other kind of coil.
So, what are the potential problems? Here is what we would change if we could:
  • Daikin’s air handler cabinet could use more insulation. Thankfully, we have been told that Daikin has heard our cries and plans to fix this in the near future. For now, it is still on our “con” list. Having a well insulated air handler is important, especially in Florida where the air handler is prone to sweating. The last thing we want is a lot of moisture where it isn’t wanted, like an attic.
  • Daikin does not make their own zone boards. If you are interested in zoning your home (being able to adjust the temperature in one area of your home without affecting the other areas), it is important to know that Daikin does not currently manufacture their own zone board. This has caused the current method of zoning to be a little glitchy. Thankfully, again, we have heard that this will be changed and Daikin will me manufacturing their own zone boards soon.
  • Daikin is maybe too particular on who they allow to be a dealer. Daikin will only work with a contractor if they meet their strict criteria. Many contractors that would like to be a Daikin dealer are not allowed to and thus are not able to offer Daikin products.

As you can tell, there aren’t very many negative aspects of installing a Daikin air conditioner or heat pump. Overall, we are happy to recommend them as one of our preferred manufacturers. Would you like more information about installing a new Daikin A/C system in your home or office? Feel free to contact us for a free estimate!