Many air conditioning and heating contractors offer Rheem equipment for heating and cooling systems as well as hot water heaters. Rheem is a leading manufacturer in mid-tier central heating and cooling systems, but like any company, they have their pros and cons. 

Some of the benefits both contractors and homeowners appreciate from Rheem include:
  1. Rheem offers some of the smallest size cabinets of air handlers in the industry.
  2. Rheem uses aluminum evaporator and condensing coils.
  3. Rheem outdoor condensing units have plastic composite bases.
  4. Rheem systems tend to be affordable.
Some of the problems we at Tri County Air have experienced with Rheem include:
  1. Lack of support from both manufacturer and supplier.
  2. Frequent coil leaks.
  3. Many expansion valve failures.
  4. Indoor evaporator coil can be difficult to clean.

Here at Tri County Air Conditioning and Heating, we have confidently sold Rheem HVAC systems for many years. At the time of this post, though, our preferred manufacturers include: Lennox, Daikin, and York. We are confident that a Tri County Air installation of a system created by one of these manufacturers will provide you with the best comfort experience available. Please keep in mind, these preferred manufacturers are constantly scrutinized. We update our list of preferred manufacturers as we see fit for the benefit of our customers. The manufacturers that we have decided to feature as our preferred partners have proven to consistently provide the best response time for warranty parts, service assistance, and have a customer-centric mindset. Our customers are our top priority, so it is important to us that the manufacturers we choose to do business with and promote have the same passion.

If you have any questions about which air conditioning and heating system would be best for your home and your family, please give us a call or text us at (941) 485-2222. We would be happy to send out one of our expert Comfort Advisors to provide you with a free estimate!