When you think “UV light” the first thing that comes to mind might include something along the lines of tanning beds and beach bodies, but definitely not air conditioning. Believe it or not, UV lights are a crucial part of a fully-functioning air conditioning and heating system. They are great for increasing the efficiency of your system, bettering your indoor air quality, and keeping your coil clean.

Check out this video to see what I mean:


 Here are just a few of the key points from the video:

1. The EZ UV Light Increases the Efficiency of your Air Conditioning and Heating System

When the coils in your unit become clogged, the unit works harder to push air through those coils and thus uses more energy. The EZ UV light works to keep your coils clean by killing the mold spores and bacteria that pass through. This reduces buildup of debris on your coil and allows your air conditioner to work more easily.


2. The EZ UV Light Increases the Quality of the Air in your Home

Do members of your family suffer from allergy issues? The EZ UV light kills the mildew, viruses, mold spores and bacteria found in the air that passes through your air conditioning and heating system, providing your home with cleaner air. UV light also scrambles the DNA of these cells which keeps them from being able to reproduce.


3. Filters Aren’t Enough to Keep your Coil Clean or Solve Your Indoor Air Quality Issues

Most microbes are small enough to pass through a filter. By adding an EZ UV light, you will disinfect the air after it passes through the filter, which prevents the growth of mold and microbes on the coil and keeps the air cleaner inside your home.

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