Donna, a Tri County Air customer in sarasota, shares her unique experience with our company.

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Hello and I’m Donna, and I live here in Sarasota and I had purchased a heating and air conditioning unit mid June and from the very first night after it was installed it did not work. I dealt with that company for a while, but they just kept on stalling and saying there was nothing wrong with it. Finally, I talked to a friend of mine and I said “You know, I’ve got to have something done. I can’t go on – it was the 110 degree time. ” So she recommended Tri County and Scott.

She couldn’t have given be a better person, he is outstanding. He’s not pushy, he’s very calm, he looked around and he saw all the issues that were wrong. This was on a Friday afternoon that he came and he stayed here, I guess maybe about 2 hours going over everything, taking pictures, just saying “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this.” And I was getting a little nervous, but then he said he would have  it back to me by the beginning of the next week. And all of a sudden I got it online that night! His first thing was “I need to tell the truth about your units, but I don’t want to upset you anymore than you’re upset,” so he said “I am giving you the ending first, so that you will be able to calm down then and look at things.” And to be honest with you, the ending calmed me down because I knew it wasn’t me, but that there was really something wrong with my system why it wasn’t working. It wasn’t me putting it at the wrong temperature, or anything. And his comment was “This is the worst job I have ever seen.” And Scott has been around a long time with Tri County.

I highly recommend that, before you do anything, word of mouth is great. Get stuff from neighbors, friends, people that have used the company, and then go to their websites and there, you will then find you can sort out [reviews]. I was totally surprised, I could not find a bad review!

The gentleman that came and installed my furnace was George and Darrell and they worked the entire day. They put this furnace in like it was a piece of art. It is just so clean and so sleek, it is up above in a cage in my garage. When the left, the garage was like, the floor was like you never even knew they were there. They took everything away. They were very supportive, they were telling me everything they were doing, I was bringing them lots of water because it was an extremely hot day. Always “Thank you”. Their work ethic and I felt very comfortable with them here. Scott did stop by a couple of times that day just to make sure everything was going OK and that I was pleased at what was being done.

I cannot recommend them more highly. From service, for them calling me about appointments, to talking to my two brothers for me, Scott talked to my two brothers on the phone who are up in Illinois about the different features of the furnace I was getting and the air conditioner, making sure that we understood exactly what the components were, how it worked and was very pleasant and said “After you get off of here now and talk about it, if you have any other questions, just call me back”. He has always been accessible.

If you have a problem with your heating or air conditioning unit or are looking for a new one, the best place to go in Sarasota is Tri County. They are understanding, they are helpful, they are not pushy, they are there to help you and every senior citizen that I have read about in their articles, and a couple friends of mine now I find out had them, have highly recommended them.



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