With the increase in demand for products that improve indoor air quality, many comparisons have been made and questions have been asked regarding the difference between the REME HALO products and a UV light kit. Though these products may appear to look similar, their uses and results are very different.

Let’s begin with UV light kits.

The purpose of the UV light kit is to keep the coil in your air handler clear of microbial growth. They are great at doing this and therefore help to extend the life of your air conditioning and heating system. A bi-product of this reduction of microbial growth is an increase in indoor air quality, but it is not the UV light’s main purpose. One weakness of a UV light is it only cleans where the light shines – if microbes and bacteria are even slightly in the shadows, they will not be eliminated. This is where the REME HALO products come in.


REME HALO products sanitize the air and surfaces.

The REME HALO and the REME HALO LED are whole-home air purification systems. They are installed in your ducts and clean both the air and the surfaces in your home by proactively sending ionized oxidizers into the room to destroy the pollutants at the source. The REME HALO products have been tested and proven to reduce surface bacteria/viruses by 99.99% and airborne bacteria by 97%.

To move forward towards achieving great indoor air quality, it is important to keep your coil clean. It is also important to sanitize the air and surfaces inside your home to keep your family healthy and eliminate odors. For more information on the key components of great indoor air quality, please read more here: How to Have Good Indoor Air Quality


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