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If you recently purchased a new air conditioning and heating system and are now selling your home, you are probably wondering whether or not the warranty on your new HVAC system is transferrable to a new homeowner. Alternately, if you recently purchased a new home, you may be wondering what you need to do to transfer the A/C warranty into your name to ensure you receive coverage. We receive these questions on a daily basis and are happy to answer them for you.

The majority of HVAC equipment manufacturers allow only the “out-of-box” 5-year warranty to transfer to any subsequent homeowner, but there are a few exceptions. Some manufacturers have units that come with a standard 10-year parts warranty wherein a new homeowner would not have to transfer these A/C unit(s) into their name. Very few manufacturers charge a transfer fee and require a transfer form to be completed in these instances, but some may require a copy of the Closing Statement. In the case where separate, extended warranties for Parts, Labor, or Parts & Labor are purchased, there is typically a transfer form to be completed and there may also be a charge to complete the transfer.

It is always a good idea to contact your HVAC Service Provider when you are considering selling your home to find out the details of how a warranty transfer would work for your specific brand of A/C equipment and warranty. After a new owner moves in, it is important that they call to alert the current HVAC Service Provider with their name and contact information so the new owner can be made aware of the A/C warranty coverage specifics.

If you have any questions about your warranty, feel free to contact us today! Our warranty department would be honored to serve you.

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