The compressor is one of your AC’s most important parts. Replacing one can cost as much as $3,000, so many people opt for air conditioner replacement when it fails.1 We’ll explain why an AC compressor is so expensive later. First, let’s look at whether your AC compressor is covered under your warranty.

About AC Compressor Warranty Coverage

Most air conditioners have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Your AC compressor is likely still covered if your system is younger than that. The warranty should cover the cost if your AC is otherwise in working order and likely to last a few more years. However, you’ll still pay your HVAC contractor for labor.

A problem with another part often causes the compressor to fail. Your contractor will check for any issues that may have led to the main event. The other faulty part must also be replaced to restore your air conditioner.

How to proceed depends on the terms of the warranty. A few years ago, warranty coverage for air conditioners wasn’t as long as it is today. If there was only a 5-year compressor warranty and your AC is nearing the 10-year mark, you can:

  • Replace only the condenser.
  • Replace the entire outdoor unit and have equipment covered by a 10-year warranty.
  • Replace the AC and coil, especially if it uses R-22 refrigerant.

Or, you can replace your entire AC and heating system. If your furnace and air conditioner are the same age, replacing both can save you time. It can also reduce labor costs as the technician doesn’t have to come back later to replace other components. And you’ll benefit from a new warranty on all the equipment installed.

Why Purchase a Compressor Warranty

Air conditioners come with different types of warranties. You may have a parts warranty, but it only covers fan motors, capacitors, relays, transformers, and other smaller parts that wear out. A coil warranty covers manufacture defects, while a labor warranty covers the work done by technicians. You can get longer coverage with an extended warranty. A lifetime warranty covers specific components for the life of the system. 

Your air conditioner should have a compressor warranty. While issues with small components may cause a compressor to fail, compressor failure is most often due to poor installation. A 10-year warranty may cover replacement costs if the component fails due to installation issues.

Why Is an AC Compressor So Expensive?

The compressor is the most complex component of an air conditioning system. Therefore, it’s one of the most expensive parts to fix. Compressor repair costs are impacted by the following:

  • Type of Compressor: Single-stage compressors are the least expensive but the least efficient. Two-stage compressors offer more efficiency, while variable-speed compressors that can operate at any capacity are the most complex and most expensive.
  • Brand: High-quality brands of compressors, such as Carrier, Copeland, Trane, or Lennox, tend to be more costly. However, you can save on a reliable compressor from Goodman/Amana, York/Coleman, or Rheem/Rudd.
  • Labor: An HVAC contractor may charge from $75 to $150 per hour, depending on their experience and the complexity of a repair. Labor usually accounts for 30% to 50% of the cost of compressor replacement..1

The overall cost of compressor replacement may also increase if you need a refrigerant refill or recharge or additional repairs. It will also cost more in areas with a high cost of living. Because of this, knowing whether your AC compressor is covered under your warranty is important.

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