Okay, so we live in Florida. We all know that the Florida heat in the summer can be pretty unbearable. When the temperature rises, the A/C costs tend to do so as well because your system is working harder to keep you cool. You’re in luck though, here are some cool practical tips to help you save money this summer by cutting down on electric bills.

1. Maintain/repair your AC.

-Maintenance is a must! Call today to schedule your maintenance tune-up or for a free estimate or second opinion on repairs. (Click here for some tips on how to help maintain your AC at home)


2. Programmable thermostat.

While you are away from your home or even at night, set or program your thermostat to bring it up a couple degrees so that it doesn’t have to be running when no one is home. This could save you up to 15% on your electric bill! The most ideal temperature setting for your thermostat is at 78 degrees. A programmable thermostat allows for you to set timers so that the thermostat will change the temperature on its own. Way cool, huh?


3. Greenery galore!

Improving plant-life right outside your home can help shade and deter from the sun’s bright rays. Spend some extra time planting this week outside your home and notice the cool difference!


4. Window “clothes”.

Applying solar screening to your windows help keep out unwanted sun rays that seek to heat your house. Dark blinds are also a good option for keeping sunlight from seeping into your house.

5. Fan use when present.

Turning on fans in the room you are hanging out in, helps to keep the room cool and comfortable. Remember to turn each fan off, though, when leaving the room.

6. Stove tops, computers, dryers- oh my!

The constant running of stove-tops, computer monitors, and even dryers create heat in your house which makes your air conditioner run harder, thus increasing your electric bill. Cutting down on the use of these three items can save you some extra money.

We hope that all the money saved will be put to some good use – like taking your significant other out to dinner!

If you have any questions, Tri County Air is here with the answer. Contact us for all of your air conditioner’s needs.