Do your ducts suck?

Duct leaks tend to be out of sight, out of mind until there’s a problem. But, minor duct leaks can be the reason for poor indoor air quality, a lack of indoor comfort, and leaks in your wallet.

Here’s 10 facts about duct leaks that you’ll want to pay attention to before it becomes a larger more expensive problem.

  1. There are two types of duct leaks to be concerned about: return and supply duct leaks (see images above)
  2. Return duct leaks suck hot, humid attic air into your home
  3. Return duct leaks allow pollutants in your home contributing to poor indoor air quality.
  4. Supply duct leaks suck dirty outdoor air in your home.
  5. Supply duct leaks causes conditioned air to go in your attic, crawl space, or garage.
  6. Return duct leaks force your ac/heating system to run longer than necessary costing you more money on energy bills.
  7. Duct leaks are one of the top three ways energy is wasted.
  8. Ducts leaks happen mainly because of a disconnected duct.
  9. If there is less air is going out and more air is coming in your home, which creates positive pressure which is better.
  10. If there is more air going out and less air is coming in your home, which creates negative pressure.


What can you do to stop your ducts from sucking?

  1. First, contact Tri County to get a duct inspection done.
  2. Have Tri County properly seal all joints
  3. Ducts can sometimes be twisted or bent obstructing air flow, we can straighten that out to give you better efficiency
  4. Tri County can remove any damaged ducts and add the proper suspension
  5. Our Comfort Advisors will make sure your ducts are the right size for your home during the duct inspection.