Dear Valued Customers,

It is important that we take a moment to update you regarding how we have decided to follow the CDC’s recommendations for limiting the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are taking every precaution and doing our part to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and you, our valuable customers. This is a family matter and ultimately it affects all families: our personal families, our Tri County Air family of employees, and your families. We are taking these precautions to protect the families we love and serve.

Field Employees: Our maintenance, service, sales, and install employees have been asked to complete the CDC’s recommended sanitation practices to keep you safe including regularly sanitizing their surroundings and washing their hands throughout the day. Our field staff will be asked to stay home from work if they show any signs of sickness.

Office Employees: We are in the process of enabling members of our office staff to work remotely so that we can continue to provide you with the area’s best service. It is important to practice social distancing and we are encouraging our employees to do so. For those in our office who are unable to work remotely, we are providing hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and proper hand washing instructions. If they are unable to work remotely, our office staff will be asked to stay home from work if they show any signs of sickness.

In an effort to better serve our community and limit the spread of COVID-19, our customer service team will be asking screening questions before sending a technician out to your home. Please expect to answer questions about your current health and possible recent travel.  If the customer is healthy and has not traveled recently then we will be running the calls as normal with additional sanitizing procedures. Preventive maintenances will be postponed for any customers who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have recent travel history where COVID-19 exposure was likely. We will provide service to a customer who is sick and has not tested positive for COVID-19 by implementing our full no-contact procedure.

As always, our goal is to put our community first. Our service area is naturally at a higher risk to the effects of COVID-19 due to the age demographic, so we encourage everyone to do their part as well to keep this from spreading to the most vulnerable. This is personally important to me as I am a caretaker of my mom who is over 80 years old and at very high risk. Please join me in preparing for and praying about COVID-19 and all the families most affected.


President and Owner | Tri County Air Conditioning and Heating