There are a ton of perks to buying online i.e. fast delivery, great prices, tracking packages, & near-instant gratification. Even though those things are all pretty attractive when making a choice to buy online vs. buying from a retailer, we’re going to give you a few convincing reasons you should never ever EVER  buy an air conditioner or any HVAC equipment online. Ever.

Scam, WHAM, thank you ma’am!

I know, I know, “But online shopping is so convenient!” Yeah? Well eating fast food is pretty convenient too, but if you do that enough, you’ll regret it! Nothing good or worth doing is ever very easy. You may find AMAZING deals online, unbeatable prices, some that are too good to be true! Guess what? Some of those incredible deals are just that: too good to be true. There are AC dealership scammers out the wazoo online, and unfortunately they are pretty good at looking believable — especially to the untrained eye. All you have to do is accidentally click the wrong link and boom, they’ve got your credit card info, address, and more. Just don’t do it. A professional contractor’s prices might be easy to beat online, but one thing a trusted professional can deliver is service you can count on. No scams here!

DIY Installation

So let’s say you go ahead and buy an AC unit online anyway. If somehow you manage to navigate through the scam-filled-seas of the online world, you still have one big problem: Installation. Since you didn’t buy from an AC company, they’re certainly not going to be willing to install it for you. Not because they’re stuck-up or mean… but because they have no idea what to expect. This unit you’ve purchased online may be riddled with mechanical problems, most likely will not be the correct size for your home, and may even require parts that have been discontinued. The AC installation technicians aren’t going to take the blame for that one! Even though you may have initially saved some cash from buying online, you’re probably going to have to fork it over to find someone to install it for you (unless you can pull permits and pass code inspections yourself).

Kiss your warranty GOODBYE

If you purchase an air conditioner online, no matter which company/provider/brand sold you this unit, they will automatically void any warranty the unit may have come with. Why? The company knows no professional HVAC company who provides installation will go near it, so the chances of the customer fowling up the installation by themselves is pretty great (unless you or someone you know happens to be an expert). Their thought process is: “Why bother providing a warranty over something we can pretty much count on getting ruined?” This may sound pretty harsh, but it’s just business!


We Get It

Buying an air conditioner is a big deal. It’s definitely not cheap no matter how you go about purchasing it, and in this industry, 99.9% of the time you get what you pay for. Tri County Air wants to make sure you’re getting a good, safe deal, with amazing service. It is on our hearts to make sure the people we work with and for are getting their money’s worth and getting the best experience possible.

Let us get to know you and your home’s AC needs today, call us and set up your free estimate!