Here in Florida, we all know that air conditioning is one of the main things we need to survive the humidity and high temperatures. It is important that you pick the best one that fits your household and your family’s needs. Below, we have listed what we have found to be the best choices for you and your manufactured home.

Here are our picks for the best packaged air conditioning and heating systems:


Tri County Air Conditioning is a proud York partner and we recommend that they are the top manufacturer for packaged systems. Through our independent research and testing, we have found the York systems to be the most reliable, efficient, and easy to maintain. Each air conditioning and heating system has issues and can break, but we have found the York packaged systems to have less incidents than any other packaged system.


Bryant has been working for years to improve its packaged heat pumps and air conditioners. They have a solid system that offers high efficiency home cooling, with products that provide economic performance, comfort, and value.


Overall, no matter which system you choose to install, it is important to remember that the installation is the most important aspect of any equipment replacement.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new packaged air conditioner or heat pump for your manufactured home, here are some important things to know:

  1. We offer FREE estimates and 2nd opinions
  2. We will beat any bid (apples to apples) by $100. Simply provide us with the other bids you have received.
  3. Our mission is “To comfort ALL in such a way that (1) they are compelled to tell others about their experience and (2) it honors the Great Comforter, Jesus Christ.” We strive to uphold this mission in all that we do, from the first phone call throughout each maintenance check-up.
  4. If you replace your packaged system preventatively (while it is still running), we will give you our Manufactured Home Discount.


*This post was updated on 2/16/21 to reflect changes in our top recommendations.