At Tri County Air, we install REME HALO® systems to improve indoor air quality. These air purification solutions work using either ultraviolet (UV) light or LED technology. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of HALO UV lights for HVAC systems.


Outdoors, lightning activates hydrogen peroxide that helps to clean the atmosphere. A REME HALO® air purifier works in the same way. It uses electromagnetic energy to generate hydro-peroxide plasma, which is forced into your HVAC ducts and air-conditioned rooms throughout your home. The system is installed in the supply plenum.

Benefits of a Halo UV Light

Eliminates Airborne Microorganisms

Biological pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and volatile organic compounds are inactivated by UV light. In addition, the plasma generated by the system removes them. To be effective, the plasma must be within three feet of microorganisms, including those released by sneezing. The updated REME HALO® produces ionized hydroperoxide and adds ionized zinc to speed things up.

Airborne Particles Are Ionized

Bipolar ionization causes airborne particles to cling to one another so they become heavy enough to fall. Once on the ground or surfaces in your home, they can be swept up, mopped, dusted, or vacuumed away. Dual ionizers make this process even more effective.

Fewer Odors

The plasma generated removes odors, including smells released by mold, pets, trash, cigarette smoke, cooking, and other sources. Therefore, your home will smell cleaner and fresher. The odor released is similar to that produced after lightning or rain. Upon your request, a technician can adjust the output of hydrogen peroxide or change the thermostat fan setting to reduce the scent.

No Harmful Ingredients

REME HALO UV lights for HVAC systems use no mercury. While mercury has no odor, it can be harmful in small quantities, especially for children. At high levels, it can damage the nervous system. The amount of ozone released by the UV purifier is barely measurable. However, the REME HALO-LED™ system doesn’t generate ozone that disguises odors and suppresses the sense of smell.

Versatile and Effective

Suited for homes and small offices, the system quickly installs in just about any central air conditioning unit. Regardless of the size of your AC system, Tri County Air can install a UV or other air purification device that cleans the air and surfaces throughout your home. It also kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including H1N1, E. coli, norovirus, MRSA, and coronavirus.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Aside from bacteria and viruses, UV air purifiers like the REME HALO® can remove pollen, mold spores, dust, and dander. Improvements in indoor air quality can boost comfort and make it easier to breathe and sleep. A HALO UV light for HVAC systems can also reduce allergies, asthma symptoms, and the risk of other respiratory issues. 

Convenient and Safe to Use

The system operates silently and emits UV light only within your HVAC system. No one in your home will be exposed to UV rays. The same technology has been used in schools, food-processing plants, cruise ships, and U.S. military field hospitals.


A REME HALO’s® internal cell can last two to three years before it needs to be replaced. However, the REME HALO-LED™ can last four or five years. The LED unit does not run constantly; it turns on and off with the blower. Therefore, it can last longer and save on energy costs.  Thanks to a quick-release feature, the process is simple when a cell needs to be replaced. 

Easy to Install and Maintain

Our skilled technicians can quickly install a HALO UV light in your HVAC system. They can also maintain it during your annual maintenance visit. This entails wiping away the dust that accumulates on the lamp, improving the UV light’s effectiveness. The technician will avoid touching the lamp surface so skin oils won’t interfere with the output. 

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At Tri County Air, we install REME HALO® UV lights and other indoor air quality solutions. To further improve air quality, we can provide HEPA filtration in ducts and high-MERV-rated filters in air handlers. The air throughout your home can be healthier to breathe for your entire family. To learn more or request a HALO UV light for your HVAC system, request an appointment online or call (941) 485-2222 today.