We know purchasing a new air conditioning system can be an overwhelming process. This is why we wanted to take you on a journey of what you can expect when you realize you need to purchase a new air conditioning and heating system. We have included a few links as well to provide you with even more information.

  1. You come home to find it’s hotter inside than it is outside…That plan to relax is put on hold.
  2. You know your air conditioner is broken, but you aren’t sure who you should call to fix it.
  3. You remember your friend who just had the same thing happen to them, so you decide to call them and get the name of the company they use.
  4. Your friend says to call Tri County Air.
  5. A recommendation is a lot, but you want to do your due diligence, so you also check out some reviews before calling.
  6. You give Tri County Air a call and they schedule for a technician to come out and fix your air conditioning and heating system.
  7. The technician was able to fix it, but he warns you that you might want to consider replacing your A/C system before this happens again. He reminds you that your air conditioner is 10 years old, and the life expectancy for an average HVAC system in Florida is about 12 years.
  8. You agree and decide to make an appointment with a Comfort Advisor from Tri County Air.
  9. The Comfort Advisor comes to your home, completes a thorough analysis, and provides you with some options of the best air conditioners and heat pumps for your specific home and preferences.
  10. You decide on the best system based on your needs and budget and make your deposit.
  11. On the day of the installation, the Tri County Air install team arrives and installs your new system! 
  12. When they leave, your home is clean and you are comfortable with a new A/C system and a new company that has earned your trust.
  13. In the future, when your friend or family member calls you to ask which air conditioning and heating company you would recommend, you know immediately what you will say: “Call Tri County Air!”

We know buying a new air conditioning unit can be overwhelming and deciding which company to do business with can be confusing, but we are here for you! 

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