Attic insulation serves as a barrier between outside conditions and the inside of your home. There are many signs it should be replaced. The longer you wait, the worse these problems may become. But you can resolve them by addressing the issue directly. Here are 9 signs you need to replace attic insulation so your home can be more comfortable and efficient.

1. Fluctuating Indoor Temperatures

Do temperatures fluctuate throughout the day despite your AC or heater being set to the same level? Is your living room chilly, but your bedroom too hot to consider sleeping in? Heat gain and heat loss through your attic may be the reason. The rest of your home might be in perfect shape. However, a lack of insulation or poor or deteriorating materials can prevent your HVAC system from working effectively, or it may run constantly to compensate.

2. Higher Energy Bills

Your energy bill should be about the same from month to month, while seasonal variations should be predictable. If it’s suddenly much higher or steadily increasing, poor attic insulation can be the reason. Compare your utility bills from year to year. The difference may seem subtle at first. But eventually, your insulation may become useless in helping your AC unit run efficiently. You may also find yourself running the system more frequently, contributing to higher bills.

3. A Drafty Home

Does your home feel drafty even with all the windows and doors closed?  If they’re closed and sealed and you’re still getting drafts, have a professional check the insulation in your attic. It may have shifted or have holes in it. Perhaps it wasn’t installed properly to begin with. Replacement insulation can eliminate drafts and improve home comfort.

4. Unexplainable Water Damage

Moisture intrusion is a major sign of poor attic insulation. If you notice brown or dark spots on ceilings or walls, water may be entering through wet insulation or a hole in your roof. A roof leak or burst pipe can damage insulation; poor insulation itself can expose pipes to freezing temperatures, which can cause them to burst. Once insulating materials get wet, the only option is to replace them before the problem leads to other issues, such as mold.

5. Unpleasant Odors

If, no matter how much you clean your home, musty odors persist, mold may be growing. It can take hold in wet insulation and building materials. Not all insulating materials are waterproof. Plus, they can be located in uninhabited areas of your house, including the basement or crawlspace, where moisture from the ground, rainfall, and melted snow can create conditions for mold, which in turn can contaminate your air.

6. Worsening Allergies

An insulation problem such as mold and dust can lead to persistent allergies that are worse when you are home. Your symptoms may diminish when you are outside. If poor attic insulation is affecting your health, it should be replaced as soon as possible. This can prevent long-term health issues and improve your quality of life and well-being.

7. Your Home Is Noisy

Poor insulation can increase the noise from airplanes, wind, thunder, traffic, lawnmowers, construction work, and other outside sources. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, installing new materials can block out the noise. Your home will then be quieter.

8. An Increase In Pests

Old insulation can be a food source and place to nest for small animals such as rodents. Mice, bats, squirrels, and even snakes and insects can turn attic insulation into their home. Unless you replace the insulation, these creatures will continue to fester and can even find their way inside living spaces, so improving it should be a priority. Even spray foam insulation can be effective and is not difficult to install.

9. The Insulation Is Visibly Damaged

Look around your attic to see what the insulation looks like. If it seems thinner than it should be, is broken apart, or is falling, it won’t do its job. Replace damaged insulation to restore efficiency and prevent a host of other problems.

Tri County Air Can Resolve Your Attic Insulation Issues

If you experience the issues above, we can inspect your attic insulation to decide whether to replace it. In addition to ductwork and ventilation system services, we specialize in installing the latest, most efficient insulation materials. Our trained professionals will help select and install them. Call (941) 485-2222 to schedule an inspection or attic insulation replacement in your Charlotte, Manatee, or Sarasota County home.