In this article, we’ll explore 8 ways to avoid an expensive AC repair. Major AC problems and breakdowns are not inevitable. You have control over the health of your HVAC system. But in Florida, the hot, humid weather lasts longer than in most other places, which can strain your air conditioning system. To complicate matters, ACs tend to break down on the hottest days. However, you can avoid replacing expensive parts and paying hefty emergency fees in the following ways:

1. Clean or Change the Air Filter

Check your AC filter at least once a month. Generally, air conditioner filters should be changed every 30 to 60 days (or when the manufacturer recommends it). But clean or change any clogged filter; it will restrict airflow, which can cause your AC to work harder and less efficiently. The extra work also strains the system, possibly leading to a big repair.

2. Don’t Use Your AC More Than Necessary

You can avoid calling for AC repair near you by using it less. The more you run the air conditioner, the more wear and tear that will occur. Running ceiling fans can help you feel cooler without turning down the thermostat and making the AC work harder, while a programmable model lets you set a schedule for when the unit is on or off. Not running the AC when you’re away from home saves energy and can slow down wear. Keep the unit off when you go to work or are away on vacation.

3. Check on Your Thermostat

The thermostat is small but one of your HVAC system’s most important components. If it malfunctions, the unit may run constantly or turn on and off too frequently. A thermostat issue can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Monitor the device for any changes in accuracy and call a professional if necessary. Aside from equipment problems, a wiring issue can affect function and trigger safety hazards like potential shocks or fires.

4. Keep the Area Around the Unit Clean

Cleaning around the unit can prevent a costly AC repair. An air conditioner can become less efficient if foliage grows too close to it (keep at least two feet of clearance on all sides). Clear any twigs, branches, or leaves that collect on top. Also, create a barrier that prevents small animals from accessing it and getting inside. Make sure the AC unit is shaded as well; shielding it from direct sunlight reduces strain and keeps your home cooler.

5. Look for Dirt on the Coils and Fins

AC coils and fins are prone to clogging with dirt and debris. Restricted airflow can cause the unit to work harder, be less efficient, and overheat. To prevent such issues, turn the power off, remove the fan, and clean the coils and fins with a soft brush. Use a vacuum to clear excess dirt and debris. Once the system is clean and the fan is replaced, turn the unit back on.

6. Check the Condensate Drain for Clogs

The condensate drain removes moisture that your AC system collects from the air. A clogged drain can cause indoor humidity levels to increase. Water damage and mold can occur. But you can avoid these issues and costly AC repairs by regularly checking the condensate drain for blockages. Unclogging the line yourself can be tricky. Therefore, you should hire a professional for AC repair near you to ensure the system drains properly.

7. Ensure All Vents Are Open and Clear

Closing a vent in an unused room won’t reduce the energy your AC consumes. Instead, it can strain the system and cause it to break down. Aside from opening all vents, make sure furniture, storage units, drapes, or blinds don’t block them. Keeping vents open and clear can prevent having to call an air conditioner repair contractor.

8. Schedule Annual Maintenance

An air conditioning system is a complex series of components that must work in tandem to cool your home. Scheduling annual maintenance is the most effective way to avoid a costly AC repair. Coils and other components are cleaned, moving parts are lubricated, and refrigerant levels are checked. These are just some tasks a technician will perform during an AC tune-up. They also check for electrical issues and duct leaks and make small repairs. 

Having your AC system serviced once a year can avoid costly repairs and increase efficiency, saving you money over time.

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