We understand, the holidays just ended and money is tight, you don’t want to spend the extra few dollars to have your air conditioner maintained.

But you know you should.

You know that the manufacturer’s require proof of maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid. You know that it is just a small fee compared to what it could cost to cover what the warranty would have covered if something were to happen.

Just in case you are on the edge about whether or not to renew your maintenance agreement this year, here are 5 reasons why you should.

Reason #1: See that picture above? Exactly…Eww.

Recently, our technician vacuumed out a drain line and emailed me that photo with this warning attached: “Picture is yucky, so you know”. I immediately told him I was going to write a blog about it. I can’t tell  you what all that gunk is, but what I can tell you is that it resulted from a lack of maintenance. If they had a maintenance agreement, their drain line would not have been backed up that much. Something so seemingly small could have caused many problems for this customer. Thank goodness they called us in time.

Reason #2: Keep Warranty in Good Standing

I mentioned it earlier, but it is worth mentioning again: Proof of yearly maintenance by a reputable and licensed HVAC company is absolutely necessary for maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty. If you go without having maintenance performed on your air conditioner/heater, your manufacturer will consider your warranty void and will not provide you with the coverage you need if something does go wrong.

Reason #3: Peace of Mind

Just like how going to the doctor on a regular basis can help catch something bad before it gets worse, regular maintenance can catch something wrong with your air conditioner or heater before it sets you back a few hundred dollars (or more!).

Reason #4: Discounts

Everyone loves a great discount and if you are a Tri County Agreement customer, you will receive a 15% discount off service repairs.

Reason #5: Benefits

In addition to the 15% discount off service repairs, Tri County Agreement customers also receive the benefits of NO overtime charges (as in 0, zilch, nada, no charges ever, period) and also priority service* (which comes in handy especially during those summer months).


*Agreement customers receive priority scheduling ahead of non-agreement customers; however, wait times may still be several hours due to weather conditions.