Have you ever looked at your thermostat? I mean REALLY looked at it. Chances are, it probably isn’t the most technologically advanced, or attractive,  thing in your house. It probably doesn’t look sleek and sophisticated. After all, it is a thermostat…who cares if it is “cool”, if it can be adjusted from anywhere in the world, if it call alert you to allergens, weather warnings and the like?
We do! And here are a few reasons why you should too…

Introducing the iComfort s30 WiFi Thermostat

As I mentioned before, not all thermostats are created equal. There are thermostats…and then there is the iComfort s30 WiFi Thermostat.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what I mean:


Now, do you see what all the hype is about? It might have something to do with:


Saving Energy and Money by utilizing the “Energy Mode”

The iComfort Thermostat notices when you come and go and adjusts the temperature accordingly. It also automatically adjusts with changes to your routines. It does this by communicating with the GPS in your cell phone.


Maintain control from anywhere with your various devices

Did you forget to adjust your system before you left for the airport? No problem! You can monitor and adjust temperatures and controls from anywhere in the world using your smart phone, tablet or computer along with the iComfort App. This also makes it so you don’t have to run into the other room during your favorite show just to adjust the temperature.

Always be comfortable by utilizing the “Feels Like” feature

The iComfort Thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature to truly feel like the temperature you set by taking into account the outdoor temperature, indoor temperature and indoor humidity levels.

Stay in tune with your system with Alerts and Reminders

The iComfort Thermostat is constantly communicating with your Lennox system. This means that it can alert you if something is wrong before you might even notice! It will also set reminders to change your filter or have your maintenance performed. The coolest part is that it will also alert Tri County so we know when your system needs to be checked as well!


Beautiful Screen Savers

Are you tired of that ugly eye-sore of a thermostat on your wall? That won’t be a problem if you are using the timed screen savers on the iComfort Thermostat.

If we are being honest, there are actually way more benefits than this to having an iComfort Thermostat. We didn’t even mention the fact that it will tell you the temperature outside, provide you with the 7-day forecast, update automatically, and even has motion and light sensors.

All in all, if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to your thermostat problems, consider the iComfort s30 Thermostat.

Oh, look. Here is a coupon! How convenient.