Homeowners are often reluctant to jump on heating replacement, but there are many reasons to consider it now. Replacing your furnace or heater sooner rather than later has numerous benefits. We’ll examine them below to help you make the most informed decision possible.

1. Your Heater Is Making Scary Noises

Heating systems should run fairly quietly. If you start to hear loud banging, squealing, or rattling noises, there’s likely a mechanical issue. A bad motor bearing, blower, or fan can cause a lot of damage. The noise can also mean the compressor is failing. Contact a professional to determine if the problem can be fixed or if your heater needs to be replaced.

2. You’ve Had Several Recent Heating Repairs

Requiring multiple repairs in a short time means you’ll probably need another one soon. As a system ages, it becomes more difficult and expensive to find replacement parts. You could spend as much on repairs as what a new unit costs. If your heater needs another part soon after the last one was replaced, assume it’s near the end of its life and replace it.

3. Your House Is Increasingly Drier and Dustier

A functional heating system keeps your home warm and controls moisture. Therefore, if it’s declining in performance, your home may become dry and uncomfortable. Dirty heater components and ducts can cause more dust to circulate in the air and settle on surfaces. This could be a sign the system is wearing out and can’t correctly distribute air.

4. You’re Always Adjusting the Thermostat

If rooms don’t get comfortable, regardless of how often you reset the thermostat, your furnace or heater may be to blame. It could be due to decreased performance or a problem with air distribution. Each room should be about the same temperature. If one room varies by several degrees from another and is too cold or too warm, consider heating replacement as the best option.

5. Your Heating System Is Old

If your heating system is well-maintained, it can last from 15 to as many as 25 years. Older systems are more likely to require major repairs or break down. Therefore, if you have an older furnace, start planning for a heating replacement. You can take the time to find the right type and correctly sized system rather than rush to find one in the dead of winter.

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