Why Is Regular Maintenance So Important?

You won’t get the best out of your air conditioning system if your filter is clogged, your ducts are leaking, or your drain lines are dirty.  There are so many reasons to keep your equipment maintained by a professional.  Below are some reasons why.

Prolong the life of you unit

Most systems will last up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

proper airflow

Airflow is restricted when your filter is clogged; dust will recirculate into your home, reducing your indoor air quality.

energy cost savings

A professional technician will inspect things like the coolant lines, oil fan motors, etc., to make sure when your unit is running it isn’t losing energy, increasing energy cost.

AC efficiency

A unit left unchecked can lose 5% of its operating efficiency every year due to debris obstructing the airflow of the condenser.

AC Warranties

Most warranties require regular maintenance.


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