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Solar Benefits

Solar Benefits

You can reduce your current and future electric costs.

Through 2016 the Federal Government provides a 30% federal tax credit based on the cost of the system, which can be carried forward until exhausted 

When your solar array is generating more power than you are consuming, the excess power is sent back to the grid and generates full retail value credits from the utility company. Those credits are applied to your utility bill to help lower your costs, any excess credits from a billing period can be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

A solar power system will allow you to free yourself from the utility company and the instability of global energy markets.

As rates increase in the future, your energy saving will increase over the life of a solar energy system.

When your meter is generating more power than you are using it will actually run backwards. You accrue credit from FPL.

Photovoltaic’s were originally developed for use in space, where repair is extremely expensive. Satellites circling the earth operate reliably for long periods of time with little or no maintenance. Solar panels will produce energy for 30-40 years.

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