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Affordable Solar

affordable solar

Affordable Solar Solutions

The cost of your solar system will vary depending on the size of your home and the approximate energy consumption. We will send an Energy Consultant to your home for an evaluation and consultation. This may take 1-2 hours and you may ask for details about solar system (how solar energy works, the installation process, any technical questions you may have).

Installing a solar power system is equivalent to prepaying for 40 years of power at a fraction of the cost you currently pay. As rates increase in the future, this difference will increase, leading to even more savings over the life of a solar energy system.

In addition to direct return through utility savings, homeowners can also expect that their property resale value will increase substantially.

Utilizing photovoltaic solar panels and our most abundant FREE power source, the Sun, Tri County Air Conditioning is now your complete source to energy efficiency and lower utility bills. Why not shield yourself and your company from ever increasing utility bills?

Act now to take advantage of Federal tax credit of 30%

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