Packaged / Manufactured Home Units


Packaged air conditioners and heat pumps are a good solution for manufactured home residents.

Air Conditioners

PSA4BE Maytag Air Conditioner

Check out the many options for air conditioners ranging in price and efficiency.

Heat Pumps

PSH4BE Maytag Heat Pump

Explore the many heat pump options, a more efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Air Handlers

B6BMMO Maytag Air Handler

These coils and air handlers provide the perfect complement to your Maytag air conditioner or heat pump.


Variable Speed Maytag Furnace

Complete list of home furnace options.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

UV Dual Process Maytag

Indoor air quality systems from Maytag include UV lights and air cleaners.


t955 Programmable Thermostat Maytag

Explore Maytag thermostat options including programmable, single-stage and two-stage thermostats.