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Air Conditioners

XP21 Heat Pump

Central air conditioner systems, AC units, air conditioning units, home cooling systems and more from Lennox, the leader in air conditioning.

Air Handlers

CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

Lennox residential air handlers provide optimal air control for central air conditioning systems.

Packaged Units

15CHPX Packaged Unit

Reliable gas/electric packaged air conditioner and heater units that are efficient in cooling for virtually any application.

Mini-Split Systems

MS8C Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Lennox 7-Series Ductless Mini-Split heat pumps and air conditioners provide a smart, flexible HVAC solution.


EL296E High Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace

Complete list of home furnaces, natural gas furnaces, high efficiency gas furnaces, home heating systems, oil furnaces, and more from Lennox.

Heat Pumps

XC17 Air Conditioner

Explore heat pumps, residential heating systems, central heating and air solutions from Lennox, leader in home heating.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Healthy Climate® Carbon Clean 16 Media Air Cleaner

Indoor air quality systems, including home air cleaners, air purifiers, home air filters, and more, keep you safe from indoor air pollution.

Comfort Controls

ComfortSense 7000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat

Explore programmable thermostats, digital thermostats, temperature control systems, and other comfort controls from Lennox that help you save energy.